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Tips For Budget-Friendly Family Holidays In Australia

budget friendly family holidays in australia

Even doubting is a crime in case someone asks a question, 'Do you like travelling with a family in Australia?' Obviously, everybody wants to spend quality time with loved ones. The idea of fantastic vacations with family is fascinating enough to blow your mind. But when it comes to budget-friendly family holidays in Australia, affordability and savings issues, put a full stop to the story you are narrating in your minds. 

Spending holidays in Australia with family demands thorough research on how you can uncover it on a budget. Plus, you will need a lot more days to plan your family vacation to make it a memorable trip.

So, in short, you should get real and fix the issue of your budget with some tips and tricks to get some relief from financial stress. It is really not acceptable to opt Australia out of your vacation plan. This land deserves you and your family's visit.

Probably you have been searching for how to travel on a budget in Australia. So, here are some notable tips to add to your bucket list.  

Budget Family Holidays In Australia

A lot of tips are there regarding an affordable trip and vacations. All you have to do is to compromise a bit for your comfort that is absolutely acceptable if you want to enjoy full-fledge travelling in Australia. So here we are presenting some budget ideas for families to enjoy at their best.

1. Choose the right time to visit

The summer months in Australia are from December to February, and this is the peak time for tourism and travel in the country. So, the first big fish to catch and enjoy a cheap family holiday in Australia is all about the right timing of your visit.

The airfares during summer in Australia are more than expensive. It is understood that the best budget holidays are only possible if we catch low-priced flights. So it's a big no to visit there unless you think you are the wealthiest person in the world. However, when it comes to off-season travels like autumn and spring months, airfares are at the lowest peak.

So plan your holidays according to airfares as you will need to catch flights from one place to another as Australia is huge enough. Also, hotels, accommodation, recreation, and restaurants, are relatively generous to offer special discounts for families and groups.

 2. Go for camping 

go for camping with family

A hotel or hostel is usually first preference whenever you plan travelling. But in Australia, usually, hotels are expensive enough to cause your budget break. It is because the rooms are available often on bases of per person sharing. Also, Australian holidays are not to enjoy sitting in a luxury suite. 

So consider something adventurous, a little different, and go creative with your travelling fun. That is why we will suggest opting for camping activities for budget-friendly family holidays in Australia that are best for the outdoor and adventure-seeking families. There are a lot of breathtaking natural sites in Australia. Among them a range of National Parks, zoofari, coastal areas are some options suitable for travellers. 

They provide you with a free camp or with a small fee. It is the best idea for a budget-friendly family holidays in Australia by reducing accommodation costs. 

3. Rent a Service Appartment 

If your family wants to enjoy within urban areas, then renting an apartment with full service is the best option. It is a popular and growing trend worldwide. The best thing is that you will get large family holiday deals for Aussies that are offered by property owners. The best thing is that you are charged just for an apartment and not per head. 

You will find it far better than grabbing a suit in a fancy and expensive hotel or hostel.

Furthermore, the apartment that has a kitchen, living room and room to live enough to have a relaxing time for you and your family. It will also let you save in terms of extra snacking and expensive dinners outside. 

Moreover, the rent is so cheap you will be surprised if you choose accommodation just outside of major cities, during weekdays and off-peak seasons. Now you can care-freely go for budget-friendly family holidays in Australia as a lot of mobile apps and websites are helpful for you in finding these accommodations.

4. Use public transports

use public transport

Public transport may sound like an uncomfortable travelling experience. But in the case of Australia, it's not like that. Australia has one of the most excellent infrastructures and transport systems in the world, and you should take advantage of that. That is why we are recommending public transport usage as a Budget-Friendly Holiday tips for Australians. Local public transport in several Australian cities is free for selected public routes. Thus a great way to save money is all here.

Here is some guidance for free public transport: 

  • Brisbane city centre has a bus service absolutely free on several routes. 
  • Perth city has a bus and train transit system within a specific city zone. 
  • The tram service in Melbourne and Adelaide are also absolutely free for tourists around the inner cities. 
  • There is a free CBD shuttle in Sydney named Route 555, can be caught after every ten minutes. You can go from the Sydney Central Station to Circular Quay. You can also get an Opal card which will allow every person to travel on buses, trains and ferries at the rate of $2.25 only.
  • There is a free tram service in Adelaide. You can also explore the places by bicycle to rent for free at city depots.

5. Use Railways Instead Of Flights


Plane tickets are way more expansive than you think. So if you do not want to destroy your budget, please use the Great Southern Rail for longer journeys. The train will take you from Ghan to the Indian Pacific. The train service offers you exclusive and cheaper fares, especially for backpackers during low season and best substitutes for expensive flights.

Also if you want budget-friendly family holidays in Australia then use the Greyhound Australia bus service. It offers special packages for long distances and local travel.

6. Don't overspend on shopping

It is ok to buy souvenirs sometimes, but try to save your money on shopping and extra things that you can do in your country as well. There is nothing so special available in Australia that you cannot buy in your own country. If you really want a full-fledged advantage of tips for budget-friendly holidays in Australia, then you have to control your urge of overspending. Especially on stuff like clothes, local jewellery and other things that not only make clutter but put the burden on your budget as well. And if you really want to purchase something,  use Australian coupons while shopping to minimize the cost. 

Instead, try to invest in exciting and unique experiences that will remain with you always. Try to think practically about the things you want to buy that what would you do with them. 

7. Get affordable meals 

Australia, no doubt, has fabulous food. But when you visit there with family, there is no way to get cheap food. The most affordable option is to cook your own meals. As has been discussed above that if you go camping or if you rent out an apartment, it will be easier for you.

The grocery options at local shops in Australia are really budget-friendly. The food courts in various markets and shopping centres offer great Asian food at low prices. You and your family can have a variety of options for fresh and cheap meals for budget-friendly family holidays in Australia through this option. 

Also, the street food available on vans in Australia offers a range of different meals that are not only hygienic but affordable as well. 

8. Consult tour Operators

There are a lot of tour and travel operators who are experienced and privileged in Australia. They always have some budget family holiday packages in Australia in their bucket for you. Consult them to get the complete package according to your budget. 

The consultation they provide you will help you set your priorities for activities you can afford in Australia. The consultant and tour operator will let you do travelling on a budget as they can make a custom made plan for you as well. 

9.  Look for free activities 

What is Australia famous for? Its natural beauty. And the greatest advice to enjoy budget-friendly family holidays in Australia is to look for natural and free, cheap activities to entertain your whole family. 

So there is a lot that you can do to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of this kangaroo land. For instance, the biggest cities in Australia like Sydney and Melbourne are great if you want to save your money.

How and why? So the answer is: 

  • There are guided tours 'I'm Free Walking Tours' that take place daily twice are best for free enjoyment. The tours help you introduce the city attraction points, culture, history, and arts. 
  • Australia has its wealth in the form of museums perfect for kids and families as well. There are also botanical gardens in Sydney and Brisbane that charge no entry fee and let you enjoy relaxing time in immaculate gardens with scenic views.
  • Perth has its world-famous city's cultural centre in the area of Northbridge.
  • There are iVenture Cards available for destinations like Sydney and Melbourne. These let you enter for free in various events and tourist attractions.
  • There is an uncountable number of beaches and lakes in Australia that lets you do fun and enjoy budget-friendly family holidays in Australia. If your family is water obsessed, then do Pack your swimsuits and rush to the beaches.


It is all because of the myth that Australia is expensive enough for the best value family holidays. Your little happy moments that you and your family are thinking to enjoy can be blown out. People often think that the savings they carry and the budget they have after the hard work of a whole year is really not enough to have a fun-filled holiday in Australia. But if you follow our guide for budget-friendly family holidays in Australia above, you can easily manage to escape the breaking of your bank account while vacationing in Australia.

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