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Australian Winter Fashion Trends To Try In 2020

australian winter fashion trends

The Australian winters are arguably the most pleasant of all weathers you'll experience as compare to the world. The temperature in winters there rarely dropped into minus numbers. Thus people there are bound to have a good experience. Whenever you see the dry orange leaves falling off the trees gently, a drowsy feeling wraps you all around. There may be no sound these leaves make, but they are sure to alarm bells for cold months of winter with dreary and dull days. At the beginning of every season, you always wish not to face the harsh weather. There is something special about this favourite season. You stay in the cozy warm and comfortable bed, your blanket wrapped around you, and enjoy your favourite season on TV.

But wait, winters in Australia will not refrain you from heading out for works and following winter fashion trends in Australia. So you have to be prepared to combat the dreary days by putting on trendy warm clothes. Also, winter is an unofficial party season, where you also have to be ready enough to rock a solid and presentable look you get by following winter fashion trends in Australia. The winter in Australia begins in June and finishes in August, probably in the end.

As fashion is being a fickle thing, people always get confused and search for what to wear in Australia during winter. But not always, these searches help and let you have an idea of winter fashion trends in Australia with new trends and style. 

That is why you are reading this piece of writing that will let you explore winter fashion trends Australia has ever had. The scope of what is in and what is out latest styles, and fashion all will be discussed here. For the ease purpose, we have divided these trends into categories of men, women, and kids. So stick to the screen and keep on scrolling until the end. You will get to know what Australia winter fashion 2020 is all about.

Men's winter fashion Australia  

Aussie men are big fashion lovers. They want to look smart and sharp even in the winter season. But the problem is that men will run out of choices whenever they look around for some excellent fashion trends. That is why there's been a gradual change in men's fashion trends in Australia in recent times, especially in the year 2020.

Men's wardrobe in Australia is comprised of items that let them create comprehensive looks on daily bases. It is effortless in 2020 to select from the variety of winter fashion trends in Australia ongoing. In previous years, men's fashion was limited to some styles. But now it has gone beyond creativity and ensures that you will be going to look hot in warm winter clothes.

So below is the list of what is trending now in Australian winter fashion. 

Simple knitwear


2019 was the year of bold colours and prints, but now as there has been a series of the unfortunate event took place in this year, the winter collection especially the knitwear in Australia tends to be simple and elegant. While updating a winter wardrobe, one must have these simple knitwear as of the year 2020 winter fashion trends in Australia.  You can select from the range of men's knitwear that includes crew neck jumpers, simple and lightweight cotton knits, v neck jumpers and knit shirts, knit vests and zip-ups. They are, for sure classic wardrobe staples with a contemporary edge. You can find them on GAZMAN winter collection for men.

Biker's leather jacket


A leather jacket has always been and will always be in trends in any form. This year brands are focusing on biker's style leather jackets for upcoming winter fashion trends in Australia. Aussies love biking and leather jackets as well. is offering an excellent, attractive, and evergreen biker's leather jacket worth melting for. Because of its functionality, style and sex appeal it has, men wear it for all the right reason. They are waterproof, easy to carry, sleek and smart design and can be layered with different outfits.

Long coats


Gone are the days when short woollen coats and vests were in fashion only. Now Australian winter fashion trends are featuring long coats that have been famous across Europe and the US last year. 

Lightweight, long coats are the perfect one to layer over other clothes. Although Australian winters are not too harsh, in some parts temperature falls to 5 degrees or more. So they can also be used over your business suits. Wearing them over your jeans, t-shirt or jumper on weekends gives some casual vibes as well.

There are different varieties exist in long coats. Trench, overcoats, raincoats etc. are all examples. You can shop from Marcs as they provide luxury, high street and casual coats as well. 



2020 winter fashion trends in Australia has taken a dig into casual fashion. That is why turtle neck tops are in markets in a wide variety. They are incredibly versatile clothing piece that can be worn under coats, jackets, and even without them. 

Turtle neck tops are great for protecting you from cold winds and also providing you with a sleek and smart look.

Long leather boots


Leather boots have always been a winter staple. Be it oxford style boots or brogue boots, and you love them for protecting and giving you a desirable look. But winter fashion trends in Australia is observing the introduction of long leather boots. These boots are great in winters in protecting you from snow, rain and cold winds. Also, they add an oomph factor if you wear them over denim and tuck the pant sleeves in. Australian winter fashion brands like Julius Marlow has awesome high top leather boots perfect for a winter ensemble. It could be among best winter fashion trends Australia that hit this year.

Fleece pants


It has been discussed that this year's winter fashion trends in Australia are all about celebrating casuals. Due to simplicity and minimalist approach after COVID-19 situation, fleece pants trending everywhere. They are wearable inside or outside the home and make you feel cozy, soft and comfortable. They fall gentle against your skin. The best one is available on Adidas that will add a subtle style in your Australian fashion winter wardrobe.

Women winter fashion Australia

In a women's life, the role of stylish and fashionable winter clothes cannot be neglected. Winters are dull, boring and tiring, and if women put on pretty winter outfits, they actually help themselves to modify their mood to the next level. A burst of instant sunshine can be a break in a dreary, boring routine by adopting and selecting the best winter trends.

Aussie women eagerly wait that when do winter clothes come out in stores Australia. As Aussies love fashion and winter is the time to flaunt their style through different layers.

So below are some of the winter fashion trends in Australia that are widely adopted by Aussies women in 2020.

Ankle bootie


Women love to wear heels, and when its winter, it is not possible to roam around wearing wedges and pencil heels. That is why winter fashion trends in Australia this year brings up an ankle bootie as a mainstream fashion accessory. Usually, they are made from soft suede or leather. The ankle booties are enough to satisfy an Aussie women's craving for heels with its low stacked heel. Best to wear on rainy days to feel fashionable and secure at the same time. Windsor Smith is the best brand to shop for these amazing ankle-length shoes that are durable and reliable.

White pantsuits


Who says that black is the only winter colour? White has standup as the rival of black this winter in Australia. It has been dull and dark in previous years due to black colour as the staple winter wear. That is why the trend of white pantsuits is the immediate solution this year for winter fashion trends in Australia in this depressing COVID-19 pandemic situation. Forever new for examples has an impressive collection of white tops and pants that can be worn separately also. These dresses will surely give an instant mood boost to dull and boring mood.

Faux Leather biker's jacket


Although leather jacket sounds so muscular, if you want an honest insight of what are the fashion trends for winter in Australia, especially for women, then its faux leather jackets. They are a super stylish, sleek yet casual take on to everyday dressing needs. Women can also wear them on formal occasions. The one is available on Myer in a rose colour that genuinely reflects the trend in the most accurate way. 

Knitwear dresses


Knit dresses are the advanced form of knit sweaters, and it is getting popular. Also, they make to list of winter fashion trends in Australia for all the right reasons. They are versatile, super stylish, and accommodates in variable winter weather of Australia. In the below-average weather, these knit dresses can be paired with a shawl and shoes. And if there is a chilling vibe coming through, these dresses can be layered up with jeans, long boots and an overcoat. Means the choices are endless, and the outfit options are immense.

Animal print


Winter fashion trends in Australia this year has observed a timeless statement that is an animal print. This year the king of these prints is leopard and giraffe. Full length dresses along with tunics, and tops, in animal prints along with high top shoes is number one on the trending list. The glam corner is the brand that has these designer dresses at the highest demand.

 A statement jumper


As men's winter jumper collection has been simple and subtle this year, on the contrary to that, winter fashion trends in Australia does not leave a mark and bold and statement pieces of jumpers are in full demand. Be it bold animal prints or unique graphic sketches. There's much more newness to choose from. City Chic offering impressive pieces that an Aussie woman will love and will spark her winter wardrobe inspiration for sure.

Kids winter fashion Australia

The range of kid's clothes in winter fashion trends in Australia are best suitable for all kids |from ages 1-16. This year kids clothes that feature popular characters from kids' favourite movies and TV shows. Although kids don't have much sense of fashion and they, do not care what they are wearing but still, they simply love good clothes. Here are some of the ongoing kid's fashion trends in winter that Aussies are melting for.

Zip jackets


Zip jackets are perfect for winter that serves as both protection and fashion needs. The trending zipper jackets come with contrasting print sleeves. In the case of girls, these are embroidered perfectly to match with the print Leggings. For a boy kid, these zipper jackets come more subtle colours and prints. Right now Rivers has some awesome kid's zippers to shop. You can try them and make your kids presentable.

Casual Jogger set

kid-casual -track-suits

Parents are now concerned to make their kids a fitness conscious. And for that, kids Athleisure is the biggest winter fashion trend in Australia in 2020. The big sports brands like Adidas have launched tracksuits; Mickey Mouse printed jogger sets and activewear for kids to fascinating them for fitness. Also, you can check out Millers kids' collection for smart casual clothes

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So, there are many things in the trend that demand you to adopt them quickly. As the season change, your wardrobe will also need a drastic change. Whether you are a youngster or a teenager, a grown-up adult in its 20's or 30's, working women or an old being with the age bracket crossing '50s or '60s, everyone has the right to follow the trends and own things to flaunt classic, stylish, fashionable and trendy side of their personality. 

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